Ontario Occupational Health
Nurses Association (OOHNA)
Do Something Different
With Your RN Degree

Think outside the hospital. Specialize in Occupational Health Nursing. OHNs truly make a difference!

  • Do you want to prevent illness and promote health and wellness beyond the workplace?
  • Do you want challenge, diversity and the chance to continuously learn?
  • Do you want to be respected for your knowledge and expertise?
  • Do you want to work regular hours?

If the workplace is affecting an employee’s health, or if an employee’s health is affecting his or her work, then the intervention of an Occupational Health Nurse can make a difference. OHNs are valued for their ability to provide employee support and understanding.

Unique Role in the Workplace

Occupational Health Nurses work in non-health-related businesses and their role is unique to each workplace. They work closely with managers, supervisors and employees to provide integrated occupational health and safety services that maintain, promote and restore employee health, safety and well-being. best rolex replica

Variety – Every Day Offers a New Challenge

Variety and challenge await the OHN, as he or she can never predict the next assignment. It could be emergency or cardiac care; the development of health and wellness programs; disability case management; return to work assessments ... or any number of other programs!

Business Savvy

Occupational Health Nurses work with labour and management to design business strategies and develop and administer budgets that can help achieve a healthier bottom line.

Continuous Learning

If you like challenge, diversity and the chance for lifelong learning, you’ll like Occupational Health Nursing, where you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge in such fields as Human Resources, Safety, Business, Ergonomics and Infection Control.

Proactive Health Care

With today’s focus on outpatient and holistic health care, Occupational Health Nurses have the skills, expertise and knowledge to deliver.

We’re Here To Help

Questions? Please contact the Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association. Devoted to the needs and development of more than 1,200 OHNs, OOHNA provides educational opportunities through conferences and workshops,bloglista research and education funding, a peer-reviewed Journal and a newsletter. We provide liability insurance designed specifically for nurses in industry. Employers can also take advantage of our program to recruit OHNs.


How Do I Become An Occupational
Health Nurse?

Visit the OOHNA website at www.oohna.on.ca and click on Education Resources for a list of colleges and universities offering long-distance and in-class OHN courses.

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