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Nursing Students: Tomorrow's Future

The nursing profession is presently undergoing great change and will continue to do so over the next several years. As the nurses of tomorrow, we must obtain the necessary skills and information to carry the nursing profession to greater heights.

The Canadian Nursing Students' Association/L'Association des Étudiant(e)s Infirmier(ère)s du Canada (CNSA/AEIC) provides opportunities for nursing students to become active in the profession. CNSA/AEIC provides a forum in which students can effectively communicate their concerns and ideas on a national level.

By attending Regional and National Conferences, students are given numerous opportunities to collaborate with other nursing students across Canada and learn about the diversity a career in nursing offers. Speakers at the conferences offer valuable information on legal and ethical issues, professionalism, continuing education, political issues, motivational support retro toys and much more. The Regional and National meetings held at these conferences expose students to avenues enabling them to implement change in a truly professional manner. Such knowledge is invaluable to the student who wishes to become involved in a Local, Provincial or National Registered Nurses Association.

The upcoming National Conference in January, 2004 will be held at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. The theme of this year's conference is Act Today: Shape Tomorrow.

Members of the CNSA/AEIC also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships offered by the association and CNSA/AEIC donors. Scholarships are valued at a total of over $10,000! In addition to the educational benefits, membership in the CNSA/AEIC offers the opportunity to make many valuable friendships and share in good times.

A united nursing students' association serves to facilitate the unity of diploma and baccalaureate-prepared nurses by enhancing communication. The nursing profession can only be strengthened by the addition of a united group of nursing students choosing nursing as their career.

Become a member today and begin to seize the endless opportunities that the CNSA/AEIC and the profession of nursing can provide. Jump in, get involved, take a stand and show the world what nursing students can do.

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