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General Information
TYPE OF HCP : Academic Health Sciences Centre
LOCATION : Hamilton
NURSES : 1,385 RNs, 365 RPNs, 7 RN(EC)s
ALLIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Social Workers, PTs, OTs, Pharmacists, Physicians, Speech-Language Pathologists, RTs, Psychologists, Radiology, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Chaplains
Nursing Positions
RN : Yes
RPN : Yes
CLINICAL PROGRAMS : Mental Health and Addictions, Chest, Renal, Haemodialysis, Transplant, General Internal Medicine, Surgical, Rehabilitation, Complex Continuing Care, Emergency and Urgent Care, Critical Care, Cardiology, ICU, Palliative Care, Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, Maternal Child
CONTRACTS : Full-time permanent with benefits, permanent part-time with or without benefits, limited six-month or one-year contracts
SCHEDULING : Master rotation, 8-hour, 10-hour and 12-hour shifts
CLINICAL PLACEMENT : Affiliated with McMaster University and Mohawk College; placements may also be negotiated with other institutions
: Yes
Nursing Support
LEADERSHIP : Chief Nursing Executive, Director of Nursing Practice, Professional Practice Consultant, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Charge Nurses, Educators, Managers
ORIENTATION : Combination of classroom, mentor-mediated and competency-based orientation programs designed to meet individualized learning needs and support professional development
Contact Us/Send Resume To
HUMAN RESOURCES : Recruitment Co-ordinator
Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B4
PHONE : 905-522-1155 ext 35120
FAX : 905-521-6027
Employment Hotline: 905-522-1155 ext 32122
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  St. Joseph`s Healthcare Hamilton

Nurses at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton are committed to providing patient- and family-centred care that is informed by evidence, rooted in compassion and focused on health, healing and recovery, or supporting a peaceful death.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a multi-site academic health science centre of excellence. Innovative clinical services are provided through an acute care hospital, outpatient and urgent care facility and regional centre for specialized mental health and addiction services. We are one of Canada’s premier teaching hospitals, affiliated with McMaster University and Mohawk College. Home to the world-renowned Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health, we are also a centre of excellence for Mental Health, Kidney Transplantation and Dialysis, Head and Neck Cancer Surgery and Thoracic Surgery. Nurses make important contributions in all of these areas.

A Culture of Nursing Innovation

We are committed to developing, disseminating and implementing new knowledge in practice. The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario has designated us a Best Practice Spotlight Organization in recognition of our commitment to nursing best practices. Our nurses are actively involved in shaping the future of the profession. They are contributors to the development of standards of specialty nursing practice, through the Canadian Nurses Association, and to RNAO Best Practice Guidelines. They are members of nursing professional organizations, researchers who develop new knowledge and preceptors, mentors and educators who inspire and support clinical excellence.

Opportunities for Professional Growth

We achieve excellence in clinical practice through an ongoing commitment to education and research. Competency-based orientation programs feature a combination of classroom, mentored and independent learning opportunities, designed to meet individualized needs. Nurses are supported to attend conferences, expand their education, acquire specialty certification and complete advanced clinical practice fellowships. Our nurses enjoy easy access to ongoing professional development opportunities within their workplace, through quality internal programs developed by nurse educators, and on-site courses offered with our academic partners.

Our nurse researchers are principal investigators on projects that advance nursing knowledge. Nurses are supported to participate in and integrate research as an essential component of professional nursing practice.

A Culture of Nursing Leadership

There are unlimited opportunities for nurses to influence care, make a difference in the lives of others and advance their careers. Nurses are in key leadership roles and influence change at the bedside and throughout the organization.

We continue to build upon a strong culture of professional nursing practice through unit-based Nursing Practice Councils. Our nurses have a powerful voice to advance nursing practice across the organization and are directly involved in creating a practice environment that supports innovation and excellence.

A Caring Hospital Community

We have invested in our people and our organization to develop state-of-the-art facilities and communities of interdisciplinary practice. Mental Health, Dialysis, Complex Continuing Care and Perioperative Services are areas of particular growth. Our nurses are passionate about integrating scientific knowledge with a deep commitment to caring. Be a part of a caring hospital community where nursing innovation, excellence and leadership are supported and celebrated. Be a part of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

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