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General Information
TYPE OF HCP : Community Teaching Hospital
LOCATION : North York
NURSES : 1,303
ALLIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Clinical Registered Dietitians, Speech-Language Pathologists and Registered Technologistss
Nursing Positions
RN : 1077
RPN : 226
CLINICAL PROGRAMS : Emergency and Urgent Care, Family and Community Medicine, Genetics, Laboratory Medicine, Long-Term Care, Medicine, Critical Care, Maternal Newborn, Mental Health, Child & Teen, Peri-Operative Services and Cancer Care
CONTRACTS : Full-time, part-time, casual, temporary
SCHEDULING : Depending on unit, 8- or 12-hour shifts are available. Self-scheduling as per practice on individual units
CLINICAL PLACEMENTS : Available to students from schools within Canada who contact our Professional Practice Department for placement
Nursing Support
LEADERSHIP : Well-developed professional practice structure led by CNE and Director of Professional Practice. Support for nurses from Program Directors, Unit Administrators, Unit Co-ordinators, Clinical Nurse Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Professional Practice Leaders
ORIENTATION : Two days general hospital orientation followed by two to four days general nursing orientation, plus two to six weeks unit-based orientation depending on the unit
NURSING GRADUATE GUARANTEE : Extended orientation available to new graduates through the Nursing Graduate Guarantee of the Nursing Secretariat
Contact Us/Send Resume To
TELEPHONE : 416-756-6008
FAX : 416-756-6738
  North York General Hospital


North York General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is a three-site community teaching hospital serving — with open arms and a compassionate heart — approximately 400,000 citizens of north central Toronto and southern York Region. Our regional programs serve south central Ontario.

As a leading, local health-care provider, we have been a committed family partner to our community since 1968. The Hospital is taking the lead in helping to meet the needs of our diverse patient population through the implementation of new innovative models of service delivery. Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Care will assist in building well integrated interprofessional teams that engage in collaborative care. Our goal is to achieve high quality patient and family driven care.

We are a nationally recognized leader in genetics, paediatrics, neonatal critical care and emergency services. Home to one of the largest and strongest networks of family physicians in Canada, we offer patients, from newborns to seniors, a broad range of interdependent diagnostic and clinical health-care services.

North York General Hospital’s four clinical priorities are: Regional Maternal Newborn and Paediatric Care; Cancer Care; Family and Community Medicine; and Care of the Elderly. These priorities for health care are supported by the hospital’s 10 core programs: Emergency Services; Family and Community Medicine; Genetics; Long-Term Care; Maternal Newborn; Mental Health; Medicine; Child & Teen; Surgery; and Cancer Care.

Our Strength Lies in Our People

At North York General Hospital each role is essential and everyone is a leader in achieving quality outcomes. Among our 3,300 staff, there are approximately 1,300 nurses. The extensive expertise, skills and compassionate care our nurses provide every day makes them key partners in maintaining North York General Hospital’s status as a leader in pioneering, progressive community health.

Our wide range of specialized programs and services mean that nurses enjoy a great deal of diversity in their day-to-day professional practice. While assigned to work in one primary program, nurses may pursue work in other areas as new job openings arise, enabling them to work with different patient populations and exercise a full spectrum of nursing skills. The work our nurses do is valued and enhances the quality of life of patients, residents and families.

 Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills

North York General Hospital is a learning organization, which is reflected in our organizational values. We provide a wide variety of ongoing educational opportunities and educational support to nurses. Various roles of advanced practice nurses enrich our nursing practice. Our onsite learning initiatives help nurses enhance their practice-specific and general skills and include grand rounds, good catch rounds, leadership development seminars and much more. Nurses are also financially supported by the hospital to pursue external professional development, such as degree and post-graduate studies, and participate in medical conferences.

North York General Hospital is affiliated with the University of Toronto and is a partner with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the Peters-Boyd Academy. Our community-based teaching hospital is the preferred training institution of choice for about 280 nursing students each year from the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University and several other post-secondary schools. As nurses act as preceptors to these students, our newest nurses gain immensely from ongoing opportunities to hone their leadership and mentoring skills, from collegial sharing of information and knowledge to participating in innovative research projects.


The benefits of working here include the convenient location of our General site near the Leslie subway station and the exits of two major highways, making us easily accessible by subway, bus or car. Our Branson site, located on Finch Avenue between Bathurst and Dufferin streets, is near Finch subway station and is well served by many bus routes.

Competitive pay, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, staff recognition awards and staff social events are also enjoyed by our employees. Our north Toronto location offers staff that live nearby a high quality of life highlighted by affordable housing, quality schools and health care, a safe, family-oriented environment and close proximity to the shopping, dining and cultural attractions of downtown Toronto.

If you want a great career, not just a job, start it right here – at North York General Hospital!

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