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General Information
LOCATION : Moosonee, Fort Albany and Attwapiskat
Nursing Positions
RN : Yes
RPN : No
CLINICAL PROGRAMS : : Emergency, Emergency, Acute / Long Term Care, Primary Care, Paediatrics
CONTRACTS : : Emergency, Acute/Long Term Care, Primary Care and Paediatrics
SCHEDULING : : College and University RN/RN(EC) Placements
CLINICAL PLACEMENTS : : Comprehensive on-site organizational and clinical orientation plus 18 acquired Added Nursing skills
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Contact Us/ Send Resume To
Human Resources
P.O. Box 370,
4 Ferguson Rd. NorthMoosonee,
Ontario P0L 1Y0
PHONE: : (705) 336-2947
FAX: : (705) 336-2637
  James Bay General Hospital
At James Bay General Hospital, nurses work to full scope of practice in remote settings James Bay General Hospital operates three sites in the northernmost reaches of Ontario, 500 kilometres north of Timmins. The most urban of the sites is Moosonee, a town of 3,000 people that is 85 percent Cree and accessible by train and air. The other two sites, in Fort Albany and Attawapiskat, are on Cree First Nation reserves, run by Chiefs and Councils and accessible by air and winter road. Choose to Challenge Yourself Nurses who choose James Bay General Hospital, work in an expanded role. Within six months of arrival, nurses will be certified in 18 added skills in advanced primary care and emergency care. Education takes place through self-paced learning packages and demonstrated skill competency on and off site with many additional opportunities available for skill development. Despite the extra responsibility nurses take on, there is a sense of teamwork and support on the job to facilitate optimum client care.There are no physicians on site but doctors at the hospital in Moose Factory and pharmacists in Timmins are available 24 hours a day for telephone consultations. WATCHAY is The Cree Word For Welcome One of the greatest rewards of working at James Bay Hospital is the opportunity to experience a different way of life. In these small isolated communities, people become close friends very quickly: a nurse who delivers a baby, for example, may find that she is invited to the baptism. In addition, the setting is unforgettable. The landscape around James Bay is stunningly beautiful, a vast expanse of muskeg and bush. There is water everywhere. There are many lakes and the popular Moose River is where most people swim and enjoy water sports. The person who is adventurous, resourceful and interested in the outdoors will find enjoyment in the hiking, cycling, kayaking and canoeing. In the winter people ride snowmobiles, cross country ski and go dogsledding. Although this is the north, it’s not the land of the midnight sun. The winter weather brings lots of snow but the days are clear and sunny with blue skies. All three sites provide primary care, 24-hour emergency services and clinics such as hypertension, diabetes, prenatal and Well Women Clinics. Nurses work in one of the three sites. All jobs are full-time. The hospitals in Fort Albany and Attawapiskat have both in-patient acute and chronic care beds; 16 in Fort Albany and 17 in Attawapiskat. The Moosonee Health Centre provides emergency and outpatient care. The RN staffing includes nine in Moosonee; 12 in Fort Albany and 13 in Attawapiskat. Besides nursing staff, the hospital also employs health care aides who assist nurses and also translate between the mainly Cree-speaking patient population and the mostly English-speaking health care staff. In all, the hospital employs about 150 people. Financial Incentives Are Notable The base salary for nurses is the same as in the rest of Ontario but there are many upgrades including $1.50 an hour for the 18 added skills; northern allowance between $2 and $2.75 an hour depending on the degree of isolation; retention bonuses of $3,000 for one year and up to $5,000 for three-plus years; and two round trip flights to Toronto each year. The hospital also pays for relocation and the price of moving 1,000 pounds of personal effects. Subsidized housing is provided in duplex homes close to the hospital. Nurses who will be happy here will be confident of their technical skills, open-minded, ready for adventure and self-reliant. There is no urban-style entertainment here, but there is extraordinary geography, friendly communities, a healthy, natural environment and meaningful work.