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General Information
TYPE OF HCP : Nursing Stations and Health Centres: Primary care, chronic care, maternal - child health, well-women / well-men, immunization, emergency care, emergency acute care (eg. suturing, life threatening situations), mental health, tele-health, home visits, school programs, community outreach (eg. diabetic clinics, flu clinics), public heath education.
LOCATION : Remote / Isolated First Nations Communities in Ontario.
SITES : Health Canada Nursing Stations and Health Centres in various First Nations Communities.
Nursing Positions
RN : Yes
RPN : No
CONTRACTS : Full-time, part-time, casual.
SCHEDULING : Monday to Friday with mandatory evening or weekend overtime as operationally required.
Nursing Support
LEADERSHIP : Nurse Managers, Clinical Program Managers, Regional Clinical Resource Nurses, Nurse Practice Consultants, Nurse Educator & Trainers.
ORIENTATION : Comprehensive orientation provided including shadowing experienced nurses in the field. Continuing education and training support including conferences and tuition reimbursement benefits.
Employment Opportunities for Nursing Students : No
Cynthea Dickson (Nurse Recruitment Officer):
519-925-8749 or 613-946-5665
Venetia Chaney (Regional Recruitment Coordinator):613-946-9399
Mail: Health Canada,First Nations and Inuit
Health Branch Ontario Region 1547
Merivale Road, Loc #6103A Ottawa,
ON, K1A-0L3
Toll free: 877-494-4604
Fax: 613-948-9253
  Health Canada First Nations & Inuit Health
Nursing in First Nations Communities – A range of opportunities:

We offer an exceptional opportunity for Registered Nurses to practice autonomously in a unique setting. Nursing with Health Canada in Ontario provides a variety of ways to expand your skills and knowledge while working with a multi-disciplinary team, in diverse settings, to improve the health of Canadians.

As a Registered Nurse you will find the work setting offers the opportunity to function within your full scope of practice. In the Health Centre you will work with community members to identify health priorities and participate in public health programs with particular emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and community development. The comprehensive orientation program includes instruction in clinical assessment and illness management in the care of clients requiring routine, acute and emergency services.

Northern Ontario Nursing Stations – What to expect:

Many Health Canada Nursing Stations in Northern Ontario are located in remote and often isolated First Nations communities. As with any rural community far from a larger center, it will mean less choice in services. Supplies and variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat may be limited. Provisions are expensive due to the additional cost of air freight. In compensation, nurses are provided with an Isolated Post Allowance. All communities do have postal service, which is an excellent way to bring in items not locally available. Most communities also have daily air service.

Your accommodation will vary from one, two, or three bedroom apartments, duplexes or houses. Rent and utilities are free. The location of your apartment will be close to or attached to the clinic. Most locations have cable/satellite TV and Internet connections.

Communities are often located on rivers or lakes in the heart of Canada’s northern boreal forests or along the Canadian Shield. You will be working in an environment where the people’s first language and culture are Cree, Ojibway, or Oji-Cree. Interpreters are on staff when language is a barrier.

Nursing Station Clinical Experiences –

As a nurse, you will need to undertake a thorough review of the medical history and perform a focused physical assessment of the client to arrive at a clinical determination. You will decide if the illness falls within the Health Canada clinical guidelines for nurse initiated therapy or whether a consultation with a physician is required. Designated hospitals provide on-call physicians for telephone consultations. These physicians also visit the communities every few weeks to provide clinics. Emergency air-ambulance services are sometimes required. An awareness of practising in the cultural setting of First Nations Communities is essential. A requirement of the job is to be available for rotating evening and weekend on-call duty to provide health services.