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General Information
TYPE OF HCP : Public Health and Long-Term Care
LOCATION : City of Ottawa
SITES : Multiple Sites
NURSES : 260 PHNs, 137 RNs, 15 RPNs
TOTAL STAFF : 649 Public Health, 952 Long-Term Care
ALLIED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS: Public Health Inspectors, Registered Nutritionists and Dieticians, Social Workers, Health Promoters, Dental Hygienists, Epidemiologists, Analysts, Training & Development Coordinators
Nursing Positions
RN : Yes
RPN : Yes
CLINICAL PROGRAMS : Chronic Disease Prevention, Injury Prevention, Family Health, Children & Youth Health, Communicable Disease, Program Evaluation and Research, Sexual Health, Long-Term Care
CONTRACTS : Full-time and part-time (permanent and temporary) and casual positions
CLINICAL PLACEMENTS : Public Health: 3rd and 4th year placements and graduate practicums. Long-Term Branch: 1st, 2nd and 3rd year placements
Nursing Support
LEADERSHIP : Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Supervisor, Manager, Infection Control, Case Manager, Charge Nurse, Resource Nurse, Student Preceptor, Clinical Educator, Trainer
ORIENTATION : Department, Branch and Program orientation. job shadowing, mentoring and coaching. Meetings with Manager/Supervisor, Clinical Nurse Specialist and self-directed learning resources
HUMAN RESOURCES : Please apply online via our City of Ottawa website at and go to Current Listings in the Careers section
MAP : Ottawa Hospital
MAP : General Campus
MAP : Riverside Campus
MAP : Rehabilitation Centre
  City of Ottawa


Ottawa – A Capital City in Public Health and Long-Term Care

As the nations capital, Ottawa is a vibrant and growing city that prides itself on its exceptional quality of life. The fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, Ottawa is known for its natural treasures, pristine parks and lakes, and one of the longest networks of scenic recreational paths in any North American city. A safe but lively downtown core with an abundant selection of restaurants, theatres and courtyard cafes is located just minutes away from quiet residential neighbourhoods. Rich in history and tradition, Ottawa offers superb museums and galleries, two universities, as well as a large range of excellent health care facilities and Public Health agencies.

The City of Ottawa’s Public Health and Long-Term Care Branches are committed to enhancing the health and safety of all our 877,300 residents by providing an impressive range of quality programs and services.

A healthy and active city means more than the prevention of infectious disease, illness and injury. It is about creating healthier environments at home, at work and in the community. It is about promoting healthier lifestyles and choice, adopting programs and initiatives that lead to healthier children, families and offering protection to the health and well-being of all citizens.

Ottawa Long-Term Care

In a survey conducted in 2007, 89 per cent of staff working in the City of Ottawa’s Long-Term Care Homes said they feel their work makes a difference in the Community.

Our Long-Term Care Homes are committed to fulfilling their mission of enriching the lives of residents by providing quality care in an environment that is comfortable and secure. As leaders in the industry, we strive to hire only the most qualified individuals, and provide comprehensive orientation and training to continuously provide best practices in long-term care.

The rewards of working in nursing with Ottawa Long-Term Care are extensive and include: exciting and challenging work, long-term career prospects, extensive and ongoing training, as well as Student Placement Programs.

Our dedicated staff help create a welcoming environment that encourages the family and friends of residents, as well as volunteers and neighbours, to be part of the life at our homes. We recognize the importance of being part of the community and provide multi-purpose areas in all of the homes where residents, families and friends can gather.

 Ottawa Public Health

Our Public Health Branch provides a wide variety of challenging and exciting nursing opportunities. The position of Public Health Nurse combines specialized nursing and public health science with experiential knowledge of individuals, families, communities and populations when providing nursing services.

The Public Health Nurse contributes to the health of the community through a system of effective population based health promotion and disease prevention strategies, as well as early intervention services in the following program areas:

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Injury Prevention
  • Family Health
  • Children & Youth Health
  • Communicable Disease
  • Sexual Health

We provide health prevention programs and services, management and control of infectious and communicable diseases, clinic services including immunization, early detection of cancer and sexual health and supports optimum health choices for individuals, families and communities within the city of Ottawa.

Ottawa Public Health is a teaching health unit part of the Public Health Research, Education and Development Program (PHRED) and works with all post secondary educational institutions in the area. We also have a Nurse Trainee position that allows a student to acquire the mandatory one-year of experience prior to becoming a Public Health Nurse.

Because We Care

If you are a motivated individual who believes in teamwork and dedicated about promoting the optimal health of families, individuals, seniors and the community, we have outstanding opportunities for you in a rewarding career with Ottawa Long-Term Care and Public Health.

People who work for the City of Ottawa care about the services we provide to the public.

The City of Ottawa is committed to providing quality services by establishing a qualified workforce that reflects the diverse population it serves and encourages applications from all qualified individuals.

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