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General Information
TYPE OF HCP : Complex continuing care, rehabilitation, palliative care, family medicine and long-term care
STAFF (TOTAL) : 2,089
NURSES : 625
Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Recreation Therapists, Chaplains, Physicians
Nursing Positions
R.N. : Yes
R.P.N. : Yes
CLINICAL PROGRAMS :Complex Continuing Care, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care, Family Medicine, Long-Term Care
CONTRACTS : Full-time with benefits, part-time with percentages in lieu of benefits, casual and temporary positions, job sharing
SCHEDULING : A variety of shifts and scheduling options including self-scheduling and master rotations, weekend worker (8 and 12-hour shifts), replacements and mobile team positions
CLINICAL PLACEMENTS : University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, La Cité collégiale, other universities and colleges
Nursing Support
LEADERSHIP : Program Directors, Clinical Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nursing Education Specialists, Practice Support Nurses
ORIENTATION : New nursing employees receive general orientation and nursing orientation including classroom education and partnerships on the units.
EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR NURSING STUDENTS :Yes, summer and part-time during the year
Bruyère Continuing Care
Human Resources Department
43 Bruyère Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5C8
Telephone : 613-562-6352
Fax : 613-562-4245
E-mail : or
Website :
  Bruyere Continuing Care
As one of the largest health care centres of its kind in Canada with 731 beds and 2,089 employees in four facilities (Saint-Vincent Hospital, Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, Élisabeth Bruyère Residence, and Saint-Louis Residence), Bruyère Continuing Care provides complex continuing care, rehabilitation, palliative care, family medicine services and long-term care. Our health care team is committed to the highest quality of care. We are also a teaching facility for health care students in many disciplines under affiliation agreements with the University of Ottawa and several colleges. Our research program is the only one in the National Capital Region committed to the study of geriatrics and palliative care.

Saint-Vincent Hospital

Complex Continuing Care – Saint-Vincent Hospital is Ottawa’s sole provider of complex continuing care with 336 beds, divided into three major care streams: restorative care, supportive care and complex and specialized care.

Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital

Rehabilitation – Our 90 bed in-patient unit and day hospital provide geriatric and stroke rehabilitation services.
Palliative Care – Our 36 bed unit is Canada’s largest academic palliative care hospital unit and is supplemented by our regional Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Service.

Family Medicine Centres

Our family health teams deliver primary health care at the Bruyère (located at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital) and Primrose (located at Saint-Vincent Hospital) Family Medicine Centres.

Élisabeth Bruyère Residence

Élisabeth Bruyère Residence is a 71-bed long-term care home located in the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital and provides personal, nursing, and supportive services to all residents.

Saint-Louis Residence

Saint-Louis Residence is a francophone long-term care home with 198 beds situated in Orleans along the banks of the Ottawa River and provides personal, nursing, and supportive services to all residents.

A Career at Bruyère Continuing Care

At Bruyère Continuing Care, nurses enjoy opportunities to develop meaningful therapeutic relationships with patients, residents and families over time, and to use their nursing skills and experience to improve patient and resident health outcomes. They may work in a broad range of settings and programs and have opportunities to work with a diverse cross-section of patients and residents, including those with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, neuromusculoskeletal syndromes, and those who have suffered a stroke.

Each nurse is welcomed to the Bruyère Continuing Care team through classroom and unit orientation appropriate to her/his skill level and specific program as well as guidance from an experienced nurse. As nurses establish themselves and advance their knowledge and skills, they may have opportunities to progress in leadership positions such as Nursing Education Specialist, Advanced Practice Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and Clinical Manager. Bruyère Continuing Care also supports RNAO and RPNAO fellowships as well as a variety of extended orientation positions, internships and Practice Support Nurse roles.

Growth and Learning Opportunities

Bruyère Continuing Care offers a number of supports to help nurses advance their education, hone their skills and stay abreast of trends in the profession. Through our various funds and bursaries, we offer financial assistance for nurses to participate in off-site educational programs and courses, seminars, and events related to their profession.

Bruyère Continuing Care also sponsors regular onsite learning opportunities for nurses to develop their existing specialties and acquire new ones. Nurses may also participate in employee development workshops such as teamwork and leadership skills and grow professionally by mentoring the next generation of new nurses in acting as preceptors to students from local colleges and university.

The input of nurses is valued, and they regularly participate in committees such as the Nursing Advisory Committee and Nursing Governance Council. Nurses also play a role in advancing the profession at large through involvement in cutting-edge research initiatives through the Élisabeth Bruyère Research Institute.

Promoting a Healthy Work Environment

Regular staff functions including Nurses’ Week events, the annual employee golf day and our Recognition Program reinforce the strong relationships nurses enjoy with colleagues at Bruyère Continuing Care. Other efforts to promote a healthy work environment include onsite fitness rooms and various fitness classes, employee lounges with computer accessibility, an employee assistance program and flexible work arrangements. Outside of Bruyère Continuing Care, nurses enjoy the benefits of living in Ottawa, a world-class city offering breathtaking natural beauty, a dynamic bilingual culture and a serene setting in which to raise a family.